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Black Belt grading

On the Saturday 2nd October 2011 the Vision Taekwon-Do Association held a black belt grading at Angel Centre in Tonbridge, Kent. Synergy TKD had three candidates going for the grading Robert Kearn, Elliot Lister and Todd Gillespie. All three are juniors with Todd being Synergy TKD’s youngest candidate at the age of 14.

The grading started with a verbal theory test for all candidates with all three examiners grilling the candidates. After this the candidates then went into the practical test where they had to perform kicking combinations, patterns, step sparring, free sparring, 2 v 1 sparring, self defence, and 7 different board breaks.

After a long and hard grading we are pleased to announce that all three Synergy TKD students were successful in passing to 1st degree black belt. We would like to congratulate Robert, Elliot and Todd on their great performances on the day.

Visit the gallery to see more photos of the new Black Belts.

Black Belt photo    Black Belt photo    Black Belt photo


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